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Our Industry Knowledge Makes an
Immediate Contribution To Our Relationship.

Each planner is dedicated to the industry and is a specialist in the truest sense of the word. We work collaboratively with you to ensure the final plan reflects your style for your client.  We partner with you every step of the way to make sure you have the confidence to answer any client question that arises during your plan presentation.

We work closely with you to standardize systems and processes, so that high-quality and consistent planning services can be offered to your clients in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Meet our team:

Sue Chesney, MSFP, CFP® Photo
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Sue Chesney, MSFP, CFP®


Sue Chesney

What should I know about you?

I have completed thousands of financial plans over the last two decades of my financial services career. Having worked with clients ranging from $250,000 to $50 million in net worth, I have approached and analyzed questions from many different perspectives. This is what I love about what I do – examining challenging issues and troubleshooting possible solutions to address clients’ concerns.

Having worked directly with clients in the past, I’m well aware that crunching numbers is not really what financial planning is all about. I focus on positioning the advisor to understand the pressing issues, work through various strategies to tackle them, and clearly communicate the necessary actions without overwhelming the client. The delivery of advice and the ability to implement the agreed upon recommendations are the heart of financial planning. Honestly, I just love helping others, whether that’s clients, advisors or (ideally) both.

I have utilized many software programs over the years, allowing me to understand their nuances. With the increasing number of products available to advisors, I do my best to explore the relevant ones to determine when and where they might be valuable. There is no “right” or “best” software available. It all depends on your approach to planning, your needs (and your clients’ needs) and your presentation style. Some distinct decision points relate to cash flow-based or goal-based methodology and comfort level with using software interactively with the client. I’m happy to provide an overview of the ones we’re familiar with to help narrow down the list of which you might research further.

Are you qualified?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia and earned a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning. I attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation over 10 years ago. While I passed my Series 7,65, 66 and life/health, I have chosen to let these licenses lapse. I continue to expand my planning knowledge through various memberships in study groups, attending conferences and webinars, as well as reading and listening to industry media.

I am a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and direct the Denver local study group, which meets bi-monthly to discuss relevant topics and collaborate with our peers. I also manage bi-monthly virtual meetings with the Delegated Planning team to share information and discuss particularly complex cases.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I love the outdoors and in fact, I’ve discovered that I’m solar-powered. Warming in the sun truly recharges me. This might include hiking/biking, snowboarding/snowshoeing, or just enjoying a book on the porch. Anytime that I can be outside is a fantastic day!

Living in Denver provides ample opportunity to enjoy craft beers. Aaron and I have even been known to attend a few beer festivals to sample the season’s wares, particularly our favorites – stouts and porters.

Ashley Reiter, MSFP, CFP®, AIF®, CRPC® Photo
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Ashley Reiter, MSFP, CFP®, AIF®, CRPC®

Ashley Reiter

What should I know about you?

I grew up in a family of business owners where finances were a frequent topic of conversation and child labor laws didn’t apply, so I have been working since I could walk. Watching my family navigate the complexities of their businesses and personal finances made me want to help others do the same. I discovered comprehensive financial planning early in my career and pursued the education and designations that allow me to help people with all facets of a financial plan. I am lucky to have worked with many different clients over the years, and I have learned something new from each of them. The best thing about this profession, aside from the people in it, is that it never stays the same. Each new client or situation is an opportunity to dig in and to learn more about what we do and how we can help. 

Are you qualified?

I graduated with a degree in journalism and went on to obtain the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation and a master's degree in Financial Planning. I have also obtained the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) designations. While these programs certainly helped me learn the technical side of financial planning, I have learned the most from working with clients over the years. 

Any other interesting things to know about you?

While my husband and I grew up in the Midwest, we moved our family to the East Coast in 2019, living and working there for two years before moving back to Minnesota where we live now. Our kids (Jean and Malcolm) are the perfect adventure companions, and we had a blast on our whirlwind tour, but we are happy to be near family again. 

We have settled on a little plot of land with gardens and chickens, and my kids are begging for alpacas, so the limits of my adventurous spirit are continually challenged. 

My family loves being outdoors (except for January in Minnesota) and exploring the culture and arts in the Twin Cities.  

Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, CKA® Photo
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Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, CKA®

Brooklyn Brock

What should I know about you?

I started in financial services as a 3rd generation financial advisor working for my family’s private wealth advisory practice. I was an Associate Advisor for several years, supporting several hundred client relationships, servicing a few dozen retirement plans, and assisting with two business transitions with a retention rate of over 95%. After five years, I wanted to challenge myself with new experiences and left the family firm.

Throughout my career, I found that advisors rarely do financial planning or retirement planning for themselves like they do for their clients. This drove me to launch my own fee-only RIA, Ellevate Advisors, which exclusively provides financial planning and exit coaching for advisors themselves. Because of my firm’s niche, I have experience in advanced planning around wealth transfer and retirement for families, businesses, and family-owned businesses.

I’m an Enneagram 4, and my top 5 strengths are Futuristic, Strategic, Achiever, Focus, and Activator. I have an aptitude for developing detailed processes and workflows and have helped several firms build their systems out.  

Are you qualified?

My formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Economics, a minor in Marketing, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in French, all from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I furthered my learning in the profession by obtaining the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM   (CFP®) the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®), and the Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) designations. As you can imagine, the continuing education requirements for these credentials keeps me busy.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I’m a devoted tea-drinker, book lover, and French-enthusiast! In fact, my husband Aron and I plan to live and work from France for a few months per year. In my free time, I collect books with the goal of launching an international languages library of fiction books to support the love of learning languages and connecting across cultures outside of the classroom. I’m also working on running a marathon in every state and have about 20 states under my belt so far.

Aron’s parents emigrated from the Philippines and we plan to adopt several children from there over the next decade.  In the meantime, we love our precious little Yorkie, Theo and are fortunate that both our families live in Tulsa.

Carrie Jones, CFP® Photo
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Carrie Jones, CFP®

Carrie Jones

What should I know about you?

I fell into this industry through the life insurance business – growing up “working” on Saturdays, filing policy cards in elementary school and then learning computers as the old IBM machines came into the office. Through a series of fortunate events, I learned about financial planning and independent RIAs in 1996. I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been dancing slowly and steadily towards holistic financial planning.

Although I love details, I try to focus on what is truly important, what is actually practical, and what could fundamentally change a client’s outcome. I enjoy digging deep into a client’s financial life to help the advisor co-create a great plan with the client. I’m a cross-checker, verifying information and confirming expectations. My end goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page – whether that relates to a planning team or a volunteer group. 

My favorite part of the planning industry is that we can all do it differently. With so many types of business models, team sizes, service offerings, and communication styles, the variety keeps my mind engaged on all levels. I’m also passionate about sharing the possibilities with college students. It is one of the few industries in which you can create the business around your life and that can easily pivot when the world or personal circumstances change. 

Are you qualified?

I’ve been working in the financial services industry for over 20 years, starting with an insurance agency back in the 1990s. Over these decades, I progressed from operational and support roles, providing client service, creating procedures and offering investment advice to delivering full, comprehensive planning. My experience allows me to understand all facets of the business, providing a complete understanding of financial advisory firms.

 2010 was a turning point, having earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation. Having the ability to weave together all areas of a client’s financial life truly motivates and energizes me.  I was fortunate enough to join a local holistic planning firm in 2014. Over the following six years, I created and helped implement financial life plans – working with clients and our team, focusing on goal projections, insurance evaluations, and estate planning, with some tax and investment analysis thrown in.

 I’ve seen and learned a lot about our profession, and I love to share that knowledge. In my work with Delegated Planning, I get to create both high-level and detailed financial plans for advisors and their clients, while also helping advisors with processes, presentation, and implementation.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

My husband and I have raised two adult sons and are enjoying the empty nest. We are focused on being vagabonds who enjoy our “work” – creating our life to be flexible for place and time, focusing on travel and experiences. 

 When the boys were young, we spent tons of weekends and most of the summers in Walt Disney World. My youngest even drew his dream home at the gates of WDW (I still have that!). Happy to share the tips and tricks I’ve learned like using the hidden entrance to Animal Kingdom and getting a breakfast reservation to beat the crowds at opening. 

 As the boys got older, we focused more on Scouting - my husband and sons are all Eagle Scouts. Our family is a huge supporter of the Scouting program – giving our time, talent, and treasure to help the movement.

 My husband and I are huge Dave Matthews fans and I can sing along with most any James Taylor song. Our travel usually includes a concert or festival experience. 


Eric Niergarth, CFP®, RICP® Photo
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Eric Niergarth, CFP®, RICP®

Eric Niergarth

What should I know about you?

I’ve been part of the financial services profession for my entire career.  Most recently I have been providing comprehensive financial planning to business owners, real estate investors, and pre-retirees.  While I enjoy all aspects of personal financial planning, I particularly love helping clients with their transition into retirement and helping them feel comfortable taking such an important step in their lives with confidence.   

Are you qualified?

I graduated cum laude from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. I obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and went on to work with two Wealth Management firms in the San Diego. I am currently working towards earning the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation through the The American College of Financial Services®.  

I have served on the committee for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) NexGen chapter of San Diego and am in the process of joining the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Continuous learning and staying involved in the financial planning community is of great importance to me. I stay involved by attending conferences and webinars, read industry related publications, and attend a monthly peer study group.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I live in San Diego, CA with my wife Kate, our two children Finley and Nolan, and dog Bernard. Although we currently live on the beach, we end up having more ‘mountain’ days than beach days! We love heading out to Mt. Laguna just a short 1-hour drive away.  

I enjoy swimming, hiking, pickleball, golfing, sailing, and when the waves are small and the water is warm…surfing.

Jared Bilodeau, MSFP, CFP®, CRPC® Photo
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Jared Bilodeau, MSFP, CFP®, CRPC®

Jared Bilodeau

What should I know about you?

I have been in the financial planning industry for over seven years. In that time, I have been fortunate enough to work for Registered Investment Advisors that focused on holistic financial planning to help their clients achieve their goals. Looking at every area of financial planning and how they interact with each other is key to delivering the best results for a financial plan. I have always been interested in solving the financial planning puzzle that helps clients achieve their objectives. 

Are you qualified?

I am a student of the industry, with my goal being to learn as much as I can in every area of financial planning. I graduated from Bentley University in Waltham, MA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and earned a Master of Science degree in Financial Planning from Bentley University as well. I have earned both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) designation through the College for Financial Planning®. I attend study groups and webinars whenever possible to keep up to date in a field that is always changing. 

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I live with my wife Olivia and our two cats, Milo and Bentley. We are high school sweethearts and have been together for over 13 years. We enjoy traveling, hiking, and anything that gets us outdoors. Our recently discovered, but now my most passionate hobby, is disc golf. Whenever we travel, I always look for the best disc golf courses that we can explore. I have found that playing a round of disc golf in a new area is a great way to see a new state and meet fantastic people.

Jennifer Yearous Photo
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Jennifer Yearous

Jennifer Yearous

What should I know about you?

I’ve been in the financial services industry for over a decade, focused solely on creating and developing financial plans for advisors. I launched the paraplanning unit of MetLife’s Financial Planning Division, helping to grow and support more than 50 advisors across the Pacific Northwest. I was instrumental in helping our firm achieve the Financial Planning Firm of the Year award for completing over 600 plans.

Prior to entering this industry, I recruited physicians to the Medicaid managed care network. It was basically groveling and persuading doctors they had to serve because it was the right thing for them to do. I wouldn’t say it was the most fun job in the world, but it was very rewarding!

Are you qualified?

If having created at least 1,000 plans by now doesn’t convince you, here’s some other useful information. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Administration from Indiana University. My favorite classes were accounting, hospital finance, and statistics. While at MetLife, I passed my Series 6, 63, 65 and life/health licenses, but chose to let them lapse after leaving the company. I enjoy advancing my knowledge through participation in peer study groups and attending conferences and webinars. I also enjoy reading and listening to industry-related media.

In my position at MetLife, I taught and trained new recruits in the area of financial planning. Not just explaining the analysis required, but how to connect and engage with clients.

When working on plans, I understand the overall picture, but my strength is paying close attention to the details and finding things that many advisors don’t. My dedication to my work often inspires others to get excited about the contribution we’re making to clients’ lives.

I am good at balancing the need to do things well in the quickest way possible while staying within the rules. I have found this leads to innovative solutions. 

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I’m an avid skier and hiker, living in Bellevue, WA with my husband and two children. We travel as often as we can to remote places in our 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I enjoy reading all kinds of books and have been a member of a book club for over 7 years.

Mind numbing routines bore me. I thrive in environments where I must deal with unexpected requests, unanticipated problems and changing priorities. And this is why I love what I do.

I’m a bit of a coffee snob. You would think living in the surrounding Seattle area, I wouldn’t have trouble finding good coffee. Instead I have it shipped from Kaladi Coffee Roasters in Denver – Best. Coffee. Ever.

Joey Loss, CFP® Photo
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Joey Loss, CFP®

Joey Loss

What should I know about you?

I have been a student and practitioner of financial planning for the last decade. In that time, I’ve written and presented hundreds of financial plans to clients covering a wide range of wealth and circumstance – from those just dipping their toes in planning for the first time to late-career hedge fund executives and venture capitalists worth over $25 million. 

What I love about planning is the opportunity to help clients explore what really matters to them in life while helping them align their capital (human and financial) in support of that vision. 

In my work with Delegated Planning, this passion evolves into helping the advisor feel totally prepared with all of the key information, opportunities and recommendations necessary to provide excellent guidance for their clients. 

One of my favorite by-products of this work is the opportunity to hear more advisor stories and learn more about advisors’ processes. There are so many creative and effective ways to approach this work. I can then pass these nuggets of wisdom to other advisors in our work together as they continually refine their best practices.

Are you qualified?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economic Management (Financial Planning Option) from Virginia Tech. Since graduation in 2014, I have had wonderful mentors at two registered investment advisories. In early 2018, I attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation. In 2022, I launched my own firm, Flow Financial. 

While I’ve never sold any insurance products, I chose to pursue the Florida Section 2-15 license to further my understanding of Life Insurance, Health insurance and Variable annuity products. 

I continue to expand my knowledge through participation in various study groups, by attending conferences and webinars, and through continual consumption of written/auditory industry media. I join the rest of the Delegated Planning team regularly to explore uniquely complex cases and changes to the financial planning landscape.

Outside of my direct client/advisor work, I serve on the executive board for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Northeast Florida and as a Webinar Coordinator for the National Association of Financial Advisors (NAPFA) Genesis program. Whenever I get the chance, I like to write or share what I’ve learned from my professional experiences. Last year, I had the opportunity to present at FPA’s NorCal conference on the process of training and transferring trust to new advisors. 

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my wife, Elizabeth and our two dogs, Harlan and Remi. One of our dogs is well behaved and the other is a real stinker.  

We love to travel, spend time with our families and friends, and check out new restaurants and venues. We hope to someday take our future kids around the country in an RV while we work from the road.

I’m an avid musician/music fan into folk/rock/blues. On Saturday mornings, you can catch me guitaring on the porch with Elizabeth and the dogs while we have our coffee.  

Leslie Ransom, CFP® Photo
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Leslie Ransom, CFP®

Leslie Ransom

What should I know about you?

Having worked in the music industry for over 20 years, I decided to pursue financial planning after interacting with many artists that have fluctuating income. I saw firsthand the importance of budgeting and saving for potentially lower income years in the future.

My first position in the financial services industry was as a planner with a fee-only firm in Evanston, IL, providing comprehensive financial planning to the firms’ clients. Much of my work focused on employer retirement plans, explaining incentive stock options and the consequences of being a highly compensated employee. I also have a strong interest in college funding and spend a lot of time researching this area.

One of my main strengths is answering the relevant question given the information available. I can be very resourceful with little data, but can also scrutinize cash flow when necessary.

Are you qualified?

I hold degrees in both Economics and French from Pomona College, and earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation from Northwestern University. After the owner of the initial planning firm for whom I worked retired, I launched Indie Financial Planning to serve the market near and dear to my heart – musicians and artists. I am a member of both the XY Planning Network and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). I receive tremendous value from their webinars and conferences as well as through participation in peer study groups.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

I love animals! I have two cats and a dog, all adopted from local rescue shelters, where I volunteer. While I tried fostering kittens for a while, my pets decided that was a terrible idea.

I also volunteer as a financial coach with the YWCA of Evanston, working with low income women in need of basic financial support.

I enjoy travel, and spending extended stays in Riverside, CA with my family.

I’m a bit of a Francophile. I lived in France for a stint and still speak fluently (although I may be a tad rusty).

Megan Abbott, MBA, MA, CFP®, EA Photo
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Megan Abbott, MBA, MA, CFP®, EA

Megan Abbott

What should I know about you?

I spent a decade in healthcare corporate finance as a Director of Finance and Director of Strategy. It was a natural fit of my love for numbers and making sure the numbers were fulling a purpose. My husband is an Emergency Medicine physician and we decided we had too much healthcare in the same household, so I took my passion for numbers and strategy from the corporate world to the personal side in financial planning. 

I am passionate about incorporating tax planning into the financial planning process. I believe in it so much so that I became an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and now file taxes for clients to ensure I remain updated on the changing tax code  - and boy are they ever changing these days!

I love real estate and look forward to clients who have interest in rentals or commercial real estate. 

Are you qualified?

I’m a lifetime learner. I have a bachelor's degree in human development (similar to a behavioral psychology). This has been helpful to understanding the emotional side of financial planning. I also have two graduate degrees from the University of Denver, an MBA and MA in International Development. 

I am a CFP® professional, hold the Series 65 license, and as mentioned earlier, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. I’m currently in the process of earning my Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, to enhance my love for real estate analysis. It could be said that I possibly spend an unhealthy amount of time and resources on continuing education every year.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

My husband and I welcomed our first daughter the summer of 2022. She’s the happiest little human. One of her favorite things is to giggle when we play fetch with our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Banksey. 

 I’m a twin! No, my parents didn’t dress us alike and no we don’t look similar. I joke we’re as opposite as twins can be. My first job was as a bank teller and her first job was as a spirit girl for the (then) Anaheim Angels baseball team. 

I absolutely love to travel internationally. One of my most exciting experiences was shark diving off the coast of South Africa. My favorite country so far is Cambodia. I got scuba diving certified in Thailand. 

Suzana Bogoevska, CFP®, CFA Photo
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Suzana Bogoevska, CFP®, CFA

Suzana Bogoevska

What should I know about you?

I have over 20 years of experience providing wealth management solutions, investment management and comprehensive financial planning to high net worth families and business executives. I am passionate about helping women in particular achieve financial independence and attain their goals. 

My career began in the brokerage industry as math and finance have always fascinated me. I was fortunate enough to work at a great company with a culture that fostered personal growth and education. After obtaining my Certified Financial PlannerTM designation, I was still eager to learn more and to become a better investor as the stock market was booming at the time. I attained the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and transitioned to roles that blended both strengths at a regional bank trust department. I continued to focus on wealth planning for families as I migrated to Registered Investment Advisory firms embracing the fiduciary standard of placing client’s interests first and foremost. 

As every client differs, every financial plan is unique to reflect their values and concerns. The best part of my job is putting all the pieces of their financial puzzle together to create a beautiful mosaic and a solid roadmap. It’s an honor and privilege to be a trusted advisor to guide them on their financial life journey.


Are you qualified?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree and am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certificant. I am also a CFA charterholder and hold the Series 63 and 65 securities licenses, as well as the life and health insurance license. I am a member of the CFA local society chapter.

Analytical by nature and intellectually curious, I believe in continuous self-improvement by being a student of financial markets and wealth planning strategies, not to mention legislative changes. As a planning partner, the value I can add to advisors is to craft a thoughtful wealth plan to address client’s goals and concerns and offer solutions to minimize risks.

Any other interesting things to know about you?

Call me crazy but I like to work! Especially with smart, thought-provoking people. I love to travel and explore different cultures, local cuisines, and sandy beaches. I am a big fan of theater and the arts and enjoy spending afternoons visiting museums. I’m from Michigan and we always look forward to summers and the re-opening of the Stratford Festival in Ontario Canada for great performances. Our northern neighbors are always welcoming, and the local wineries are pretty good too, especially the ice wine!